Wifi Ranger

Do you need a Wifi Ranger?

How many devices do you have in the RV that connect to wifi?

This might surprise you if you think you don’t have many devices that can connect. Here is a list of popular items that connect to your Wifi and are also in nearly all RV’s today.

  • TV’s (nearly all new TV’s connect directly to the internet for accessing Netflix and other apps)
  • Satellite box (for streaming free content)
  • AppleTV
  • DVD Player
  • Blu-ray Player
  • Computer / Laptop
  • Printer
  • Tablets (iPad / Android)
  • Phones
  • Thermostats
  • Receivers
  • Whole RV Control Systems

We have all seen the refrigerators and microwaves that connect to the internet, they will eventually be in RV’s as well, or already are as folks upgrade. We currently have 16 devices that need a Wifi/Internet connection in our 35′ Tiffin 33AA… wow those add up fast!

Connecting 16 devices to wifi

How about connecting your devices once, and never having to connect them to Wifi in the RV ever again? If that sounds good, keep reading…

Are you connecting all 16 devices to the available wifi at each campground? Please tell me it isn’t so! There is a much better way to handle your wifi connections.

If you had a Wifi Ranger, it is a router that will broadcast out a Wifi SSID that all of your devices can connect to and then the Wifi Ranger connects to a hotspot or existing Wifi connection (like a campground or Starbucks).

Now that all of your devices are connected to the Wifi Ranger, now you just connect the Wifi Ranger to the local wifi and all of your devices have internet. If you have a hotspot, you connect your hotspot to the Wifi Ranger and then you have internet on all devices 24/7.

Installing the Wifi Ranger on the Roof

Have questions about Wifi, Internet or technology, ask in the comments and we will help!

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