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Kitty Litter Mat Review

A Behind the Scenes Look

We are constantly getting questions about what products we use in our day-to-day lives in the RV, so I’m going to blog about some of our favorites over the summer. These are all items that we have found and decided to give a try based on recommendations from others. If there is something you think we should try, please leave us a comment and let us know!

Its Not That Easy

During our research prior to moving to the RV, one of the big questions we had was what do cat owners that live in an RV full time do with the kitty litter?  For the litter box, we discovered an awesome box cover that looks like an end table (see our review of that product here).

We also needed a mat for the floor that would catch any errant pieces of litter. Sounds easy, right? Its not. We tried several that claimed to be great for minimizing litter trackings (including the one I used in my house), but all of them allowed too much debris to be tracked throughout the RV. We were getting ready to give up.

What We Got

Then we came across the Easyology Cat Litter Mat. First, they have multiple sizes and colors, so you can choose something that coordinates with your decor. We chose the brown jumbo size so it would fit completely under our box and still have enough mat in front that there was ample room to catch any scattered litter. The mat is non-toxic and plastic, so its easy to vacuum and can even be washed off with a sprayer if needed.

What We Did

We put the mat under the litter box cover with about 12″ of mat in front of the door. The mat does such a great job of catching scatter, it has become the exception that we find any litter outside of the mat area. We vacuum the mat each day and spray wash it once a month. Since it is waterproof, if you have a spill or accident, you don’t have to worry about the mess soaking through the mat to the carpet beneath it. It is also lightweight, so if you need to move it or wash it, it is easily a 1 person job.

Overall Verdict

We paid roughly $20 for our mat and it has been well worth it. We’ve had it almost a year and it continues to perform well and is easy to clean.

For us, this mat was a critical piece for us to be able to live comfortably in the RV. Great solution for us – highly recommend.

author’s note: I will update this review if anything changes in my opinion about this product.

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