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As you know, our camping trips have taken us to very nice places and other places where we didn’t want to get out of the RV. The trip to Medina Lake is ‘interesting’, GPS has us turn and drive through a few roads where we would not have stepped out of the RV, but then when you get to the RV Park, it is secure and beautiful!

Medina lake is huge and the resort is situated on 1 small section of the lake but has what seems like a mile of shoreline to walk on. Overall our 3 weeks at this resort will be missed and we will be coming back.

  • Medina Lake RV Campground
  • 215 Spettle Rd.
  • Lakehills, TX 78063
  • 830-751-2406
  • Website
  • Camped: 12/17/16 – 1/4/17
  • Sites Available

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  • Shade


  • Full Hookup

    Full Hookup

  • 50Amp Service

    50Amp Service

  • Onsite Garbage

    Onsite Garbage

  • Walking Trails

    Walking Trails

  • Onsite Food

    Onsite Food

  • DirecTV


  • Wifi Access

    Wifi Access

  • Verizon LTE

    Verizon LTE

  • Entertainment


  • Local Food

    Local Food

  • Hiking


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Review Details

Is the campground scenic and fun to just walk around?

Yes, the resort is very long and broken up into 2 camping parts. We were in the section closer to the water as opposed to closer to the pool. We were in F18, which is a pull-through site with privacy on all sides while still allowing satellite without any issues.

Are the sites shady for your RV?

Yes, although most sites in around the lake are too shady to have any satellite service at all. Depending on what you are looking for, this might be good or bad.

Are there enough full hookups?

Full hookups were not an issue here. The flooding this past summer has left some of the lakefront sites without power or with power issues. This is not unusual other than they can not tell you which sites are working and which ones are not, you have to figure it out.

is 50 AMP service available?

50amp is available but we were just in a 30amp site on this trip.

How is the Campground Wifi?

Non existant wifi… argh I hate to have to type this again…
Camping today is not what it was even 5 years ago, today we use the internet to stay connected, Facetime with family and friends and also work. We did use the wifi in the rec center, but could barely get a reading on a speedtest…

Is there Verizon 4G LTE service?

Yes, we had 2 – 4 bars and speeds ranging from 2Mbs to 14Mbs download.

Is there any on-site entertainment?

They did have a great New Years party that we attended and fireworks afterwards. Outside of that, nothing really going on for younger folks.

How far away are local food establishments?

All food was basically San Antonio or Bourne, both were about 30 minutes away.

Do they pick up garbage onsite?

Nope… and the dumpsters really were not within walking distance either which was disappointing.

Are there ‘walking’ trails onsite?

Yes, they have some trails through the onsite woods, but sometimes it was very easy to get off the trail and not really now it until it was too late and you were in thick underbrush.

is there food on-site?

Onsite restaurant was open Frida through Sunday so we went to have lunch on Friday only to find out they are not open for lunch on Friday and not Dinner on Sunday. How hard would that be to put into the papers that are handed out?

Can you get DirecTV service?

From our site, yes. From most sites, not a chance if it is moutned to the roof of your unit.

Any ‘Hiking’ trails on-site or nearby?

Not really any hiking trails, but the walking trails are very long and good for anyone looking to spend an hour or more outside walking.

Are there fire-pits at each site or communal?

No fire pits AND no fires unless you either rent or own your own fire pit. Off to Walmart we went and purchased a $29 fire pit and then used it nearly every night just using the trees that the staff wasn’t picking up that fell each day.

Rentals were $20 PER NIGHT… We were insulted by that type charge and then to have them tell you to go to the gas station for firewood at $10 for 6 pieces of wood…

how easy is the campground to find?

Very easy to find so long as you do not listen to your GPS. If you are visiting this campground, make sure you look at the map prior to driving so you know where to turn and the most direct route.

Thousand Trails also has a few signs up, but sometimes when you are in traffic in a strange place, you do not see all of the signs.


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Onsite Restaurant
Local Food
Local Shopping


Wifi Availability
Verizon LTE Coverage
DirecTV Satellite
Cable Hookup


50 AMP Service
Onsite Garbage Pickup
Walking Trails
Shade for RV and Site
Screw in Sewer Connection
Full Hookups
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