Permanent Hiatus - Working on the Road

Oh, You’re Working Too?

Many people forget that we are also still working full times jobs while living in an RV full time. That means that its not all fun and sun. WePermanent Hiatus - Work Picutres are Lame still have conference calls, emails and meetings with vendors, clients and team members. As with most businesses, there are 12+ hour days sometimes and there are 4 hour days sometimes. We also work at least a couple of hours every day. Including holidays.

To be fair, I don't take pictures of us working – I try to take pictures of the neat things we are experiencing, so I have contributed to this perception.

Small changes in how we use our down time

Part of our decision to move to the RV full time included a commitment to 3 hours a week touring/exploring our surroundings.  The rest of our time would be spent the same as we would if we were in our office at our house.

We really haven't strayed from this, and if anything, don't even meet the 3 hours/week due to our current business needs. Boyd has been traveling back to Iowa every other week for a week or so for business and to see Kaylee, so he's pretty wiped out much of the time right now.

We also haven't figured out how to make the most of our down time consistently yet. Ideally, we would like to work mornings – early afternoons and then explore in the late afternoons – evenings. We did this during our trip to Wisconsin and it worked very well for us. Its January now – the weather is much cooler and it also gets dark around 6:30, so that also constrains what we are able to see and do. And sometimes its just hard to put in a full day of work and then want to go explore. On these days, we try to do a campfire in the late afternoon and just hang out. Sometimes its just good to take time to enjoy our surroundings and each other's company.

I do sit outside to create my blog rough drafts when the weather permits -a definite perk of this adventure!

Some things stay the same

Permanent Hiatus - Lake MichiganThe dog still gets walked multiple times a day. While the scenery changes every couple of weeks, sometimes its for the better, sometimes not. We really like resorts with lots of established, off-road trails and pretty water. There are other resorts that are more like warehousing with RVs stacked on top of each other that we don't like as well.

There's still daily chores (laundry, dishes, vacuuming, RV maintenance, etc.) that need to be completed and it always seems like we have a to do list in process. Lists are important – I have trouble keeping track of days so my google calendar keeps me straight, but I'll admit there are times where I am not 100% sure what day it is until I check my phone in the morning. This is such a far cry from my former corporate life that its both a little scary and very freeing.