Permanent Hiatus - Christmas on the road

Christmas on the Road

We spent Christmas 2016 at Medina Lake in Texas.

Kaylee flew into San Antonio and joined us for a week of balmy 70 degree weather. The weather was much cooler prior to her arrival and after, but while she was there, we were able to wear shorts. It was Kaylee’s first airplane trip on her own and she survived an overnight layover in Dallas without complaint. Thanks to American Airlines for putting her up in a hotel so she didn’t have to stay in the airport. They didn’t have to do that, but we are grateful they did.

We agreed earlier in the year that we were focusing on adventures and experiences rather than material possessions, so no gifts Permanent Hiatus - Salt Cave Spawere exchanged. Instead we went to the salt cave spa in Boerne (pronounced Bernie, no lie) the day after Christmas. A new adventure for all of us. We have found that not all new adventures are awesome, but at least we can now say we’ve done it.

The Thousand Trails resort we at did have a Christmas party, but it was a little spendy ($20-30/person) for our tastes, so we decided to have a junk food picnic and play dominoes by the campfire since the weather was so awesome.

We Facetimed with both sets of our parents and showed them our non-traditional Christmas feast (and weather). We had an unexpected visitor that kept Boyd busy much of the afternoon and we closed the day with smores by the campfire.

Overall, not too shabby for our first Christmas on the road.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

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