Rabbit vs The RV… Round 1

Seriously… Attack of the Rabbit

After coming back from a walk on 12/24/16 at Medina Lake, Bailey ‘alerted' that something was amiss in the Propane/Hydraulic bay. I happened to be inside working and I got the ‘Boyd, you need to come out here' call. ugh….

“something is in that bay, Bailey is never wrong'.

Gloves on, ready to battle anything that might come out of the bay upon opening, I popped open the bay to a loud ruckus and commotion.  To be honest, I never saw anything but Kaylee hollered from inside the RV, “a rabbit just ran out from underneath the RV!”

What??!! A rabbit? Seriously?

The top of the hydraulic bay where the rabbit came in.

How does a rabbit get into the closed bay? I have briefly had a mouse that crawled up the electric cord through the slot in the door, but had him quickly removed and have not had any issues since that 1 mouse. After figuring out how the rabbit got out of the bay when I opened the door, he somehow jumped up to the top of the opening where the hydraulic tubes go out of the bay.

Now for clean out and inspection. I pulled out a huge nest of bark, grass and moss from the hydraulic side of the bay, it was tangled in the wires that are also in that bay. Oh no…. The wires were stripped, broken and otherwise destroyed in the process of the rabbit making the nest. I went inside to test the slides to see what was working and what wasn't anymore. The passenger front slide won't turn on to move inside or out… great…

Further detailed inspection confirmed that wires that connect the motor to the switches was utterly destroyed by this rabbit.

Round 1 goes to the rabbit

gallery of the damage / repair

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