Squeaky Fantastic Fans – The Issue

Dealing with squeaky fantastic fans

Our 2016 Tiffin Allegro Red 33AA has 2 Fantastic Fans. 1 in the bathroom and 1 just above the propane range in the main hallway. These fans run quite often, both to pull air in from outside and also to cool the inside of the RV off when we are parked in the sun.

After using the RV full time for nearly 4 months, both fans are now squeaking so loudly that we can’t run the hallway fan without it really getting annoying. I searched the internet for others having similar issues hoping to find a simple solution but really could not find anything.

Phone call to Fantastic Fans

I read several RV forums where folks have called Fantastic Fans with issues and their customer service deals with the issues head on to get you going again. So, being very optimistic, I called the support number and after a short wait, got a customer service rep on the phone.

Ok, this sounds strange to call out, but in today’s world of ‘not nice people everywhere’, it was a great call. She was nice, easy to understand on the phone, and said she was shipping 2 brand new fan motors and mounts because that is what it sounded like to her based on what I described.

She did need a few pieces of information from me before she could ship out replacements.

  • Last 8 of the RV VIN
  • Model Number of Each Fan
  • Year, Make, Model and Date of Purchase

The model number of the fans can be found by pulling off the screen ring. It is hard to see in this image (click image to enlarge), but the model number is a sticker that is under the removable screen.

Next Steps…

Now that I have the covers on the Fantastic Fans, I will be back on the roof next week to replace the fans. We will be videoing and logging each step since we have to deal with electrical as well, we are excited!

Step 2 (waiting for the fans to come in…)

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