2nd Workstation

2 Workstations? Seriously?

Now that we have my desk setup the way we wanted, I guess I need to get CJ a nice place to do her thing. While I love saying she doesn’t do much around here, we would not be able to live this traveling life without her business mind.

CJ tried working from a few places before we landed on a desk to replace the recliner. She tried working from the passenger seat on a portable laptop tray, she tried using the window seat in the bedroom and she tried working from the couch. The issue with all of those places is that it works great for an hour or even two hours, but the 8 – 12 hours a day that we put in on the computer calls for a nice comfortable spot to work.

Step 1 – Remove the recliner

Step 2 – Take measurements for our new desk

Step 3 – Have your wood worker build you a desk that will match the existing interior of the RV (THANKS DAD!!)

Step 4 – Install the computer, monitor and get a great chair to sit in.

Step 5 – Get to work!

What we used to build the desk and Mac

61vqiholial-_sl1440_Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System

If you build anything with wood, you probably already have one of these, but just in case you do not, get one today and your life will become so much easier when building anything…

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81-aqx4dchl-_sl1500_Gaiam Balance Ball Chairs

Yes, it looks weird to me, but it is rather comfy and helps keep your posture correct when sitting all day. We also purchased a cover for the ball, so you do not have any ‘sticking’ issues and the cover keeps it somewhat warm when you first sit down.

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VELCRO Brand – Extreme Outdoor

This will stick even when the RV is motoring down the road. We use it where we do not want to put a screw, for instance in this case, we used it to hold up the surge protector and get the cords up off the ground.

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61ndlxjjb4l-_sl1200_Suptek MD5411B Full Motion LCD Stand Desk Mount

This is a great mount for how we needed to utilize this space. With this mount, you can adjust the height by simply moving up or down without the need for any tools. We can also swivel the iMac around so that it rests up against the wall while in transport. This eliminates squeaking and nearly all movement while driving to our next adventure spot.

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81q69kjberl-_sl1500_Logitech Wireless Solar Desktop Keyboard K750 – $50

This is the keyboard for you if you want: Wireless without batteries, Mac buttons and a number pad. We started with a smaller version of this keyboard and it also had the ability to pair with 3 bluetooth devices and it worked great. For regular computer work, we needed the larger version and the number pad.

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Logitech G500 Programmable Gaming Mouse

Before you say anything, I know this is a gaming mouse and we are not talking about gaming here, we are doing photo editing and software coding. When it comes to photo editing, a heavy, adjustable mouse is just what the doctor ordered. We love this mouse and the Logitech G5 mouse that I use.

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