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This is referred to as the ‘Flagship’ property for Thousand Trails. If this is your first review you are reading from us, I encourage you to read more so you understand what is important to us in a campground. This is the worst campground we have been to as part of the Thousand Trails program.

Upon checkin, staff informed us that we are no allowed to use a ‘cheater’ (50amp -> 30amp adapter) and that we are only allowed to camp in a 50amp site. Oh, and by the way, we charge extra for those each night. So after 4 hours on the road, what are you going to do? Leave? Ok, fine.

Next, we were told that we had to unhook our tow car and drive the property in our tow car instead of the RV to find a site to park in. We followed the rules and found a spot we thought would be acceptable, although most spots were very unlevel. You can see in the picture that to get level, the front tires were off the ground and the tow hitch was just about 2 inches from digging into the dirt.

Keep in mind that these are ‘remodeled’ sites and are 100% complete. So next we went to check out the main lodge, restaurant, exercise room and pool. Everything but the pool was closed due to remodeling. The restaurant, main lodge and laundry room were all closed.

Nearly all sites have no shade, are very much on top of one another and are generally not very nice. The roads are awful and what it seems they are pushing are their tiny home communities, which are clearly getting all of the attention and money. Lastly, I can’t continue without mentioning that the park ranger is not a nice person. We witnessed arguments with campers, horrid language and a general bad attitude.

We left 3 days later as soon as we rested up and found somewhere else to go. Upon leaving, there is no lane for RV’s to checkout, so we pulled up to the gate (where we had to pay) and staff was very irritated that we were blocking the road. I said “Where do you want me to go? There is no lane to checkout”. I was told that I should have made a special trip to the office to pay prior to leaving. Is that really my responsibility? I don’t think so and we will never go back to this campground and will not ever recommend that anyone else give this campground any funds.

  • Lake Conroe RV & Camping Resort
  • 11720 Thousand Trails Rd.
  • Willis, TX 77318
  • 936-856-7888
  • Website
  • 1/25/17 – 1/31/17
  • 360 Sites Available

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Onsite Restaurant
Local Food
Local Shopping


Wifi Availability
Verizon LTE Coverage
DirecTV Satellite
Cable Hookup


50 AMP Service
Onsite Garbage Pickup
Walking Trails
Shade for RV and Site
Screw in Sewer Connection
Full Hookups

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  • Scenic


  • Shade


  • Full Hookup

    Full Hookup

  • 50Amp Service

    50Amp Service

  • Onsite Garbage

    Onsite Garbage

  • Walking Trails

    Walking Trails

  • Onsite Food

    Onsite Food

  • DirecTV


  • Wifi Access

    Wifi Access

  • Verizon LTE

    Verizon LTE

  • Entertainment


  • Local Food

    Local Food

  • Hiking


  • Firepit


  • Navigation


Review Details

Is the campground scenic and fun to just walk around?

The lake is the place to walk and is not really a walking place, just the parking lot and small beach.

Are the sites shady for your RV?


Are there enough full hookups?

No, not nearly enough 50amp since they are requiring that on all RV’s that can use 50amp.

is 50 AMP service available?

Not enough

How is the Campground Wifi?

Laughable… They charge for internet and then give you less than a 1Mb line… seriously…

Is there Verizon 4G LTE service?

No issues with Verizon here.

Is there any on-site entertainment?


How far away are local food establishments?

A ton of stuff with this being 30 min from Houston.

Do they pick up garbage onsite?


Are there ‘walking’ trails onsite?


is there food on-site?


Can you get DirecTV service?

Yes, no issues since there are no trees.

Any ‘Hiking’ trails on-site or nearby?


Are there fire-pits at each site or communal?

The remodeled sites have a fire pit, but no wood available at all…

how easy is the campground to find?

Not too bad to find, GPS didn’t have any issues.


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