Permanent Hiatus - Must be a Yankee

Must be a Yankee

We heard about this little town

The folks we shared dinner with on New Year’s eve in Lake Medina had recommended we check out La Grange, Texas, once we got to the Colorado River Thousand Trails resort. Always looking for new adventures, we decided to take off early one Friday and headed there for lunch.

Little towns can surprise you.

There’s almost 5,000 people that call La Grange home, but there appears to be more civic pride in the community than you sometimes see in communities four times that size. Our first stop was the Visitor’s Bureau . Here we received a tour of the beautifully restored German Casino Hall (not casino like we think of, more like a gathering place) and many helpful recommendations on other stops in the area. We parked on the square and were able to easily walk to all of the following sites:

Permanent Hiatus - Fayette County, TX Courthouse

  • Old Fayette County Jail – Working on restoring and also creating a Texas Heroes Museum
  • Prause’s Meat Market – Amazing brisket and baked potato salad!
  • Fayette County Courthouse – only open atrium courthouse in the State. Very pretty and worth a quick walkthrough – make sure you check out the extra- large courtroom on the upper floors. No one would tell us what trials were held there that required such a large room.

It was also recommended that we try a Weikel’s Kolache (pronounced co-lash) while we were in town. A quick internet search advised us that these tasty little treats were similar to pigs in a blanket and could be sweet or savory stuffing surrounding by a mildly sweet roll.

Our last stop was a park – Monument Hill & Kreische Brewery State Historic Sites. Well worth the short drive from downtown.

Silly Yankees!

As I was standing in the long line at Prause’s trying to figure out how/what to order for our lunch, the gentlemen in front of me, in jeans, long sleeves and down vest, struck up a conversation. He asked where we were from and when I told him Iowa, he chuckled knowingly and advised elsewhere on the square that day, a group of locals saw us getting out of our car wearing shorts and mused “they must be Yankees”. I have definitely been called worse…

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